About the artist...

Alison Baker

Working in oils, acrylic and mixed media, Alison Baker uses saturated color and a vibrant palette to capture nature's robust beauty. Traveling throughout the USA and Europe, Alison looks for unique landscapes and perspective  as subject matter for her  paintings. 

An artist for 30 years, she has displayed her pieces in galleries and art shows  throughout the East Coast, and her artwork has appeared on magazine and CD covers. 

Alison collaborates with her husband, James Colwell, on art projects and commissions, most recently completing a series of 30 outdoor panels for their hometown city of Takoma Park, MD.


 Pennsylvania Trees

Koi Pond in the Drome

   Koi Pond in the Drome, France

  CD cover, Magpie's "In This World", Sandy Spring Pond in Autumn

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