Painting Series

Lavender  Fields     $350 ea  







Eye Plates         $125  each   antique doll eyes, vintage pie plates, ponderous quotes

Limited Edition Giclees

French Cow I        

framed giclee, 16x20          $350 

French Cow II      

framed giclee,  16x20        $350

Takoma Corner, Downtown

giclee, 8x10             $295  

Country Road, Tuscany

giclee, 20x30           $400

Prague in the Morning   

enhanced giclee, 12x18   $350 SOLD OUT


Boule Players  18x24  

framed giclee   $400  SOLD OUT      



enhanced giclee, 12x12  $295  SOLD OUT

Rush Hour, Paris     framed  giclee     12x12     $300     SOLD OUT

 Dancers at St. Maxime     

framed giclee, 18x24    $400

Koi Pond in the Drome I--

framed giclee       SOLD OUT  

Koi Pond in the Drome II       giclee, 16x20   $350   SOLD OUT

Mysterious Tales  

 framed collage vignettes      $150 

 made from vintage books, letter press blocks, stamps, toys   and antique ephemera

(click to enlarge images below)

BOXES---Little Worlds

Bird Box---Heart's Desire                              $150

Do   Morning     $125                    

Zephyr      $150                                       

Bird Box---Speak Gently                           SOLD    $95

Whooppee                                      $125

Personalized Boxes       


Nichos, Commissions, Jewelry

"Little World" Nichos   $40-$75

Funky  Bottlecap Earrings    $20/pair 

Worldly Eye Pendants       $15


Original Oils and Acrylics 

Sunset in Sommières   $500

Sunrise, Saskatchewan Marsh  $750

Evening Walk, Sommières      $400

La Drome Valley, France     $400

Sligo Creek Reflection I     oil  $450

Sligo Creek Reflection II   oil    $450

Sunset, Mirmande, France  oil $325

Bike Path, Dordogne Canal    $425

Mont St Michel Sand          $400

Road to la  Drôme    $425

Sally's Hawaii            $400

Red Suitcase, NOLA         $425

Aspen Grove, Saskatchewan  $450

Reflections, Ponte Vecchio  oil $600

Amish Rush Hour         oil     $375

Dolles, Rehoboth      oil     $325

Moroccan Olive Grove  oil  $350

Country Road, PA   oil      $750

Amsterdam Canal      oil     $375

Berkeley Springs at Dawn   $300

68 Sunset          oil    $300       

Shoe Shop, Study      oil    NFS

Boats at Rest, Study    oil  $375

Amerika Nuclear               

 oil, 16x20                 $375 

Feminine Paradise                 

oil, 9x12           NFS

part of "Letters to my Aunt" series 


 oil      triptych panel    $1,000

part of "Letters to my Aunt" series 

I Envy You your TV              

oil, 12x12                  $450

 part of "Letters to my Aunt" series 

The People are Clean, Industrious and Handsome       

 part of "Letters to my Aunt" series


Foliage, Study       

oil, 8x10         #325

From a Train, Minnesota   

oil, 8x10                    $300

 The Wondrous Opening of the Hairy Ball                $325

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